Trailer SumoSprings® utilize the same micro-cellular air springs as SumoSprings. They mount above trailer leaf spring assemblies and create a cushion between the axle and trailer frame. Trailer SumoSprings reduce wear and tear on body-frames, windows, doors, closets, mounted TV’s, and other components by minimizing bounce, hop, and sway associated with most tow-able RV’s. Reduced sway and bounce in the trailer results in increased driver control, ride comfort, reduced maintenance costs, and reduced overall cost of trailer ownership.
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Reduce vibration

Trailers are known to ride rough. Trailers bounce, hop, sway, and shake as they are towed. This makes for an uncomfortable – sometimes scary – drive and causes excessive wear and tear to trailer components.

Reduce wear and tear

These vibrations affect all of the trailer components: tires, suspension, brakes, furniture, hinges, and more. Trailer SumoSprings absorb these vibrations and reduce the overall amount of wear and tear.

Reduce ownership costs

By reducing overall wear and tear, Trailer SumoSprings increase the life of each component of the trailer. This increase means reduced costs on maintenance and replacement parts resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

Reduce failures

Trailer components can and do fail. Specifically, leaf spring assemblies. A leaf spring failure has the potential to destroy your trailer, or worse, jeopardize your family’s safety. Trailer SumoSprings increase safety by reducing the load on the leaf spring assembly.

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