SuperSprings® are a unique and patented self-adjusting suspension stabilizing system for vehicles with rear leaf springs, designed to level loads and reduce body roll. SuperSprings® provide users extra load support and reduce body roll without compromising ride quality. They are manufactured using a variety of different sized springs to support multiple applications. All SuperSprings® are manufactured in the U.S.A. from SAE5160H high grade, shot peened steel.

High Quality Steel

SuperSprings are manufactured from SAE 5160H (51% alloy, 60% carbon) high-grade steel, shot peened to relieve spring stress and extend product life


SuperSprings use a dual-roller shackle. The shackle has an inner roller and an outer roller. As the factory springs extend to the rear, the roller facilitates the movement.

Simple Installation

Using our customized tools, SuperSprings installations can be completed in less than an hour. Installation does not require disassembly of factory spring assemblies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The answer depends on your definition of helper spring. If you think a helper spring is an “add-a-leaf” or “overload spring”, then the answer is no. Learn what a helper spring is in the learn more section of our site. By simple definition, yes, SuperSprings are helper springs in that they do help the original suspension components of your vehicle – and more!
SuperSprings are a suspension stabilizing system, not a simple spring. SuperSprings do utilize a leaf, or semi-elliptical, spring. They are not leafs to be added to existing leaf spring assemblies. SuperSprings are used in conjunction with and in addition to leaf spring assemblies. They are an enhancement, not a replacement to leaf springs.
SuperSprings are designed with various shackles. The shackles will have 1, 2, or 3 bolt holes. The bolt holes allow the installer to adjust the SuperSprings. The higher the hole, the more pre-load tension, allowing the SuperSprings to start higher on the spring rate curve. This is useful for applications with uneven loads; for example, crane trucks. The SuperSprings on the crane side of the truck can use the upper bolt holes, while the off-crane side SuperSprings use the lower bolt holes. These bolt holes, and the varying positions, can also be changed by an installer to accommodate varying ride quality preferences. Scroll down to Shackle Adjustment to see some examples.
No; absolutely not. Nothing can increase your GVWR. If a company claims they can, they are deceiving you. The GVWR of your vehicle is set by the manufacturer and it cannot change. You should never exceed your vehicle’s GVWR. SuperSprings and all other helper springs are intended to help level loads, not increase GVWR. Learn more about GVWR, Payload, and Capacity in the Learn More section of our site.
Does your truck/van have rear leaf springs? Do you regularly use your truck/van to carry heavy loads? Is your truck/van setup with a service body? Is your vehicle a crane truck, wrecker truck, tow truck, or other work industry truck carrying a lot of weight? Are you experiencing excessive rear-end sag negatively effecting drive-ability? Does your truck/van have noticeable body roll and poor handling while unloaded or loaded? If so, it sounds like SuperSprings are a great match. Are you an R.V. owner? Do you own a truck/van used for recreational purposes such as towing a boat? Are you looking for a smoother ride and want to dampen road noise and shock? Is your rear suspension not a leaf spring pack? Do you take your vehicle over rough terrain or off-road? If so, it sounds like you should check out SumoSprings.


SuperSprings automatically activate as loads are applied. They work when they need to without the need for manual adjustments.


SuperSprings reduce rear end sag and sway without compromising ride quality. They reduce body roll and provide greater driver control.


SuperSprings work in conjunction with original equipment rear leaf spring suspension systems. They enhance the total suspension system.


SuperSprings are a solution to suspension complaints such as: sag, sway, and uneven loads. They’re used in a variety of applications.

  • Service Body

    Service bodies with tools and equipment add weight to vehicles. The factory installed suspension is not always ready to carry this extra and/or uneven weight in a level manner. Once tools and equipment are added, service bodies can easily cause a truck to sag in the rear, putting strain on suspension components and causing wear and tear on brakes, tires, and other components.

  • Tow | Wrecker | Crane

    These types of specialty trucks should not run solely on “un”specialty suspension. These trucks are expected to carry heavy loads and not always an evenly applied load. Without proper suspension enhancements, the service life of these trucks is cut short, resulting in increased costs and decreased safety. With an innovative suspension solution and fine-tuned spring resistances, your vehicle can accommodate the fixed and anticipated loads.

  • Individuals

    SuperSprings can be installed in approximately one hour by a skilled installer. Mechanically minded individuals will be comfortable and confident with step-by-step and easy to follow installation instructions that include drawings and photographs. SuperSprings are installed without disassembling original equipment spring assemblies.

  • Fleets

    SuperSprings are a great solution for individuals needing a suspension enhancement, as well as fleets looking to increase suspension abilities, provide safer ride control, and reduce their overall cost of ownership. SuperSprings protect your investment by limiting wear and tear that can result in future maintenance costs to other vehicle components such as tires and brakes. Fleet applications include: buses, delivery and freight, law enforcement, and more.

Shackle Adjustment

SuperSprings are designed with various shackles. The shackles will have 1, 2, or 3 bolt holes. The bolt holes allow the installer to adjust the SuperSprings. The higher the hole, the more pre-load tension, allowing the SuperSprings to start higher on the spring rate curve. Below is a chart showing the various bolt positions for a two-hole shackle.

Low Pre-load tension
lowest setting

Rear roller bolt in lower hole and Front roller bolt in lower hole


Medium Pre-load tension
slight increase

Rear roller bolt in upper hole and Front roller bolt in lower hole

High Pre-load tension

Rear roller bolt in lower hole and Front roller bolt in upper hole

Max Pre-load tension

Rear roller bolt in upper hole and Front roller bolt in upper hole

Not just a helper spring. They’re SuperSprings!

What is a helper spring? Well, plain and simple, a helper spring is any spring that helps/supports the original equipment suspension components of your vehicle. Learn more about helper springs here. SuperSprings are a helper spring by simple definition, but they are so much more! Not only do SuperSprings help level rear end sag, reduce body roll, and stabilize sway to generate greater driver control, they are a self-adjusting system – fit it and forget it! No accessories, no maintenance, just worry free level load carrying magic! They’re super!


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