SuperSway-Stops® are designed to provide additional stability for trucks equipped with auxiliary top overload leaf springs and air springs. SuperSway-Stops are manufactured from micro-cellular urethane. They have a progressive spring rate and provide additional resistance under greater loads.


SuperSway-Stops are designed to stop sway and reduce lean by filling the void between top overload spring and contact points on the chassis.


When air springs are used on vehicles with top overload springs, a greater distance between overload spring and chassis is created. This larger space leads to sway.


By filling the void with SuperSway-Stops, the top overload spring can engage earlier, reducing sway, and limiting lean around turns.


SuperSway-Stops are made from the same micro-cellular urethane as SumoSprings. They allow the overload spring to engage, and then resist with more compression.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are using air springs on the rear of your vehicle and it is equipped with a top overload spring, you are probably unhappy with the amount of sway in the vehicle. This is because your air springs lifted the chassis up higher from the top overload springs, rendering them useless. The overload spring will not provide any benefit unless it is engaged. By filling that void with SuperSway-Stops, you’re allowing the overload spring to engage earlier. Once engaged, the SuperSway-Stops resist and have a progressive spring rate just like SumoSprings.
No. SuperSway-Stops are only applicable for vehicles equipped with a top overload spring.
Yes and no. SuperSway-Stops are the same as contact pads in that they replace and bolt in the same place as contact pads. They are not the same in design and function. Contact pads are typically thin pieces of rubber. SuperSway-Stops are a tall piece of micro-cellular urethane. Contact pads are more than likely not engaged because of there thin design. SuperSway-Stops are designed to be engaged, allowing your top overload spring to do the work it was installed to do.