Mounting Kits


Mounting kits and poly spring pad mounting blocks are used as a fulcrum centered underneath SuperSprings. They sit on top of the factory spring pack assembly underneath the SuperSprings. They act to elevate, insulate, and anchor the SuperSprings to the factory spring assembly.


Mounting Kit

Sold separately for specified SuperSprings applications

The MTKT Mounting Kit features a steel bridge, used as a fulcrum, to mount the SuperSprings above the original equipment spring pack assembly and factory u-bolts.


Extended Kit

Sold separately for specified SuperSprings applications

The MXKT, MEKT, and other specialty Mounting Kits feature extended steel bridges and/or extended u-bolts to wrap around larger or unique original equipment spring assemblies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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All of the various Poly Spring Pad mounting blocks are included with SuperSprings. MTKT, MXKT, and other specialty mounting kits are sold separately.