Locate a SuperSprings® dealer near you

SuperSprings International is a manufacturer, providing the market with numerous innovative suspension solutions through various channels. If you are looking to benefit from our products on your vehicle, we want to encourage you to use the tool below to find a retail and/or installation location near you. Learn more about Jobbers, eTailers, and WD’s below.


      A jobber is defined by the Speciality Equipment Market Association (SEMA) as, “An installer/retail shop that purchases manufacturer goods and then sells those products to consumers. Also often referred to as a Retailer.” You can find a jobber/installer near you by using the tool above. Are you a jobber? We have established relationships with numerous Wholesale/Warehouse Distributers to serve your needs.

      The Official SuperSprings® Online Shop

      As a manufacturer, SuperSprings is very proud to support the many jobber, retail, warehouse, and eTailer locations selling our products. We also strive to honor customers’ requests to purchase confidently and directly online from the manufacturer. For this reason, we have created the Official SuperSprings® Online Shop. Products listed on the Official SuperSprings® Online Shop are sold and shipped directly by SuperSprings.

      Wholesale/Warehouse Distributer (WD)

      A WD is defined by the Speciality Equipment Market Association (SEMA) as, “A company that purchases goods directly from many different manufacturers and houses them in warehouse locations. The WD then distributes those goods to jobbers and retailers based on need.”


      An eTailer is defined by the Speciality Equipment Market Association (SEMA) as, “An internet only Retailer.” It is important to recognize the internet is worldwide – and then some! There are millions of e-commerce websites. The same is true for e-commerce market places such as Amazon.com and eBay. Anyone can sell any product (including SuperSprings products) on such websites. Check and verify the seller information to confirm their legitimacy before purchasing. If you are suspicious of any site you notice selling SuperSprings products, please contact us to check their validity.