Trailer Life Magazine's SumoSprings Rebel Review

Trailer Life Magazine’s SumoSprings Rebel Review

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The good folks at Trailer Life Magazine inquired about our SumoSprings Rebel. They had a pair of RAM 4×4 duallies towing large fifth-wheels. SumoSprings were installed to help level the trucks, stabilize and smooth the ride. Read the article at!

“With the SumoSprings in place, the front-high attitude was mitigated enough to almost level the truck; load capacity was not an issue, so the SumoSprings had no impact on the weight rating of the axle. Handling with the fifth-wheel attached improved by at least 50 percent, with a noticeable curtailment of wallowing on some roads.”

“SumoSprings in place, the bumpiness was squelched enough to take the edge off the harshness of the ride, making it more comfortable for the passengers. Chucking was not a major issue for either truck, except on certain roads where the SumoSprings reduced the intensity of the pushing and pulling movement.”

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