Reduce Motorhome Sway with SumoSprings!

Reduce Motorhome Sway with SumoSprings!

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Sway is one of the few negatives when it comes to owning a motorhome. Unfortunately, it is a common issue, especially for the full timers out there. So what typically causes sway and what are some benefits to reducing it?

Some instances include:

  • pulling in and out of driveways
  • larger trucks zooming by on the freeway
  • driving over uneven or unpaved roads

Some even experience sway while parked!

Reducing sway improves the overall comfort of the coach, preserves original components, and helps keep precious goods like that forty inch Smart T.V. mounted inside, in one piece. However, most tend to forget how much safer a ride across the country would be, with minimal sway. Whether that ride is in a Class A built on a Ford F-53 chassis, Class C on a Ford E-350/450 chassis, or Class B motorhome on a Sprinter 3500 chassis, look no further than SumoSprings!

One of the primary functions of SumoSprings is to reduce the sway associated with motorhomes. We manufacture three different kits that all aid in sway reduction:

  • the Solo,
  • Rebel,
  • and Maxim.

The most common kit recommended for F-53 based Class A gasoline motorhome applications, is the Maxim Kit. The Maxim Kit is a one-piece unit, attached on top (to frame) and bottom (to the original equipment leaf spring assembly). The design of the Maxim Kit leaves no void between the frame and the axle, which allows for constant engagement, 100% of the time. Whether the coach is unloaded, fully loaded, parked, or in motion, the SumoSprings are ready to combat sway. The smooth, controlled engagement of the SumoSprings provides progressive resistance, while simultaneously limiting sway. As with all of our SumoSprings, this happens automatically, working in conjunction with the factory spring pack.

When your motorhome sways, the Maxim kit on the leaning side can compress up to 80% of its original body height, without excessive lateral expansion. As mentioned before, the compression causes progressive resistance against the weight of the motorhome, reducing the amount of sway one would normally experience. The Maxim kit on the other side can vertically expand up to 50% of the original body height, with full memory rebound. This allows for a different type of resistance. Instead, the expanding SumoSprings retract the leaning weight almost in a pulling action, compounding the amount of sway reduction. These properties, along with other characteristics of the design, are what limit unwanted sway, making your driving experience much safer, and much more enjoyable.

Not to mention getting some color back into your knuckles!

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