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A smoother ride for your motorhome

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Will SumoSprings give my motorhome a smoother ride?

Out of all of the questions we get asked, this is by far the most popular when talking about motorhomes. I spoke with a customer last week who made the comment, “I spent my life savings on a premiere coach and felt like I was riding in an old tractor!” The ride is typically described as rough and coach owners complain about the excessive cabin noise. One customer shared, “Before the SumoSprings were installed, my wife would not go in the coach and I was about to sell it. The porpoising made her sicker than a rookie sailor and the noise was so loud we couldn’t talk to each other. After the SumoSprings, she actually enjoys riding in the coach and we are on the road more than ever before. The only down side is now we have to talk to each other!”

How do SumoSprings provide a smoother ride?

Not to sound like an engineering geek, because I am not, I want to use engineering lingo to help explain why SumoSprings smooth your ride. SumoSprings possess damping properties not found in other air spring alternatives. SumoSprings are truly unique; the damping properties differentiate material benefits against standard suspension components and enhancement alternatives. SumoSprings restrain vibratory motion by dissipating energy. They absorb road shock otherwise sent through the frame, coach, and coach components. Damping properties inherent in SumoSprings translate into reduced internal noise and vibration. Absorbing road shock and vibrations increases the value and extends the life of moving components: cabinets, televisions, tables, etc. Eliminating loud noises caused by vibrating beds, tables, cabinets, cutlery, and more, enhances driver and passenger enjoyment while traveling.

SumoSprings damping properties enhance comfort, feeling of safety, and provide a superior driving experience. Internal noise and vibrations are remedied – ownership experience is elevated – with SumoSprings.

What are coach owners saying? “Feel the difference!”

Have you experienced the SumoSprings difference? Share on our forums for others to read. Although I share honest feedback and information, nothing I write in any blog post is going to convey the same message as your personal experience. Here is an e-mail I received from a motorhome owner who is now a SumoSprings advocate:

This is the fourth motorhome I have owned. Last year alone, I put 14,000 miles on the coach. I have a lot of experience driving motorhomes all across the country. The first time I drove this new coach, I came into a familiar turn on the highway posted at 50mph. It was scary! I had to slow down below 40mph. I would fight the wheel to get the coach to turn. I would hit a bump and the whole coach would feel it and jar. With SumoSprings, the rigidity is gone and there is a softness when going over bumps and rougher terrain. The top-heavy feeling of the coach is gone and I have confidence going into turns and winding roads. With SumoSprings, I can now go into the familiar highway turn at 60mph with no problem! Before SumoSprings, I was unhappy with my coach. Now, I love it!

Share your experience! Comment below or in our forums.

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  1. Hi we have a mobilvetta motor home based on a fiat chassis the ride is awful do you supply springs for this model 2018, if so can you supply a price to new zealand

    1. Hello Simon,

      Thank you for contacting us today. Unfortunately we do not have anything listed for a Fiat chassis. Would you be able to email me a picture of the setup of the suspension? On occasion, we are able to fit existing kits on new applications. If you can, email them to me at [email protected].

      Thank you!

  2. We have a 2018 Newmarket Daystar 3113 Motorhome. The ride is so unacceptable we are considering selling it. The unit has the Ford F53 chassis. Please tell me the recommended front and rear units for my RV.

  3. Hey it looks like the Sumo Spring would be great for my 2016 Sprinter chassis RV made by Dynamax , Isata 3 unit.
    What do I need to know about these and will it work with the Helwig anti sway bars…I’m assuming I need the heaviest duty spring you sell correct, the GVWR is 11030 lb. front 4410 lb / rear 7720

  4. Hello Evan,

    Thanks for your question! As long as the installation of the SumoSprings do not impact the components already in place, you will be good to go. As far as which kits to choose, less is more sometimes. It really depends on how you are using your RV, and the symptoms you are attempting to alleviate. Is your Sprinter a 2500 or 3500? Is it 2WD or 4WD? Do you tow/haul anything with your RV? Does the rear end sag/droop/drop, or do you just want to enhance the stability?

  5. For rough roads (pot holes, expansion joints, uneven surface repairs and more), what are available motorhome upgrades for a 2007 39’ Winnebago Journey DP with air bags.

    1. Hello Gene,

      The SumoSprings are designed to alleviate symptoms caused by exactly what you are asking about. What is the year, make, and model of the chassis your Winnebago is built on? Also, what is the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)?

  6. does cold weather impair the sumospring function. we have noticed this winter in our FR3 motorhome more noise and bounce under front chasis on rough highways.

  7. Hi Daniel,

    Yes, at temperatures of -10° to -30° C and -14° to -22° F, the SumoSprings are slower to rebound. The hardware will be fine, but there will be a temporary difference in the performance of the micro-cellular urethane.

  8. Hi, We just purchased a 2017 Thor Palazzo 33.3 diesel pusher and love the coach, but the ride is very harsh, especially on the horrible California highways. Do you make a shock that will replace our current Sachs Shock Absorbers? and what would the estimated cost be? Many thanks! Rick C.

  9. I have a 2006 Gulfstream Mini Vista Cruiser – 4230
    The ride has always been a little rough/bouncy/etc.
    Over time has gotten worse – do you have any success stories with like type Class C’s?

    1. Hi Phil,

      Good to hear from you. Here are a couple comments we’ve received from some SumoSprings users!

      I installed the back SumoSprings in less than an hour. The difference in the ride was night and day. The first thing my wife and I noticed was the 50% reduction in noise. We drove up into the mountains and we were able to take the corners 5 to 10 miles an hour faster. The side to side shifting was seriously reduced coming out of driveways. Front SumoSprings are installed now. Can’t wait to test it.

      Here’s another:

      After some reading and research .. I decided to get me some SumoSprings. So here are my re cents…

      Sumosprings is local in California and DAMN they’re FAST! I ordered the springs yesterday front and back, they got here today, otally worth it, for 360 bucks, free 1 day shipping, easy dummy proof installation. This should be every Motorhome owners first upgrade if you ask me. Score as followed:

      1. price paid for what you get in return 100%
      2. as for handing and turning about 80% improvement from stock.
      3. up and down bouncing about 50% improvement from stock.
      4. Side to side sway (from cars and trucker buzzing by you) I say 60% improvement…
      5. Side to side sway from getting in and out of shopping center parking lot 50% improvement …

      Over all I give it a healthy 90%..
      I certainly did not expect 100% correction but for what I got out of these springs compared to what I paid and how easy it is to install… You be silly not to get one..

      Thank You SumoSprings!

      Let me know if you need some help finding the right part numbers Phil!

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